Tekstil Teknoloji Magazine, which began its publication on 1996, continues to light the way on the textile sector without interruption. The magazine, which provides the latest textile technology innovations in its news and distributed all over the world; is an essential resource for textile manufacturers, investors, exporters, industrialists, academicians, students, scientists and everyone that interested in the field of textile.

Tekstil Teknoloji Magazine, which analyzes the reflections of the Turkish and the world agenda; It informs the whole textile world with the opinions and explanations of sector officials, union and association managers and state representatives.

Covering news, fiber yarn, weaving, knitting, digital printing and dyeing-printing-finishing, subtopics, it is a comprehensive magazine which also discusses a textile technology manufacturer country under the name of “Special File” regularly.


We have started this journey 21 years ago with the dream of reaching today’s position… Now we are dreaming of achieving much bigger goals.

Tekstil Technology has always been the information transfer platform of sector developments between Turkey and the world. Our magazine is providing continuously premium content to our readers since 21 years and will soon reach its 250th issue. We continue to be the common platform for textile technology now and in the future, as we have been in the past.

We do not stop; we continue running. Our publications keep us moving and increase our enthusiasm. Continue to follow us …

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